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Plastic Handle Cup

Plastic Handle Cup

JY-MO design Plastic Handle Cup for all occations: Banquets, Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Parties, Upscale catering and Home. Disposable or Reusable - Handwash or Dishwasher Safe - Thick Bottom Prevents Heat Transfer to the Surface Beneath - Handle Design Provides Safe Manipulation of the Plastic Handle Cup as it Dissipates Heat Quickly.

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Plastic Handle Cup with high quality and reasonable price for more than 10 years.

1. Product Introduction
Plastic Handle Cup bring to the table elegant presence and functionality
Set your table to perfection with our plastic coffee/tea cups that convey high quality construction and definitive design.
Transform every meal into an occasion by ensuring all the convenience of plastic.
Designed for all occasions and events: Banquets, Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Parties, Upscale Catering and Home Dinners
Our products are "Chic", convenient, and versatile and fit seamlessly with a wide range of decor.

2. Product Feature and Application of the Plastic Handle Cup
1.Competitive price.
2.Continuance service and support.
3.Diversified rich experienced skilled workers.
4.Custom R&D program coordination.
5.Application expertise.
6.Quality, reliability and long product life.
7.Mature, perfect and excellence, but simple design.

Product Name:

Plastic Handle Cup


3.54 inches

Bottom Diameter:

1.97 inches

Product Height:

4.53 inches

Product weight:

2.34 oz

Design software:

SolidWorks, UG, PROE, CAD, etc.

Plastic material:

PP, etc.


Film bags and cartons


Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, etc.

3. Product Details of the Plastic Handle Cup

4. Advantages of injection molding include the following
1. High plastic product manufacturing rates. For example, a CD disk can be produced with a 10-12-s cycle in high melt flow index PC.
2. Relatively low labor content. One operator can frequently take care of two or more machines, particularly if the injection molding parts are unloaded automatically onto conveyors.
3. Parts require little or no finishing. For example, flash can be minimized and molding tools can be arranged to automatically separate runners and gates from the part itself.
4. Very complex shapes can be formed. Advances in mold tooling are largely responsible.
5. Flexibility of plastic part design for injection molding (finishes, colors, inserts, materials). More than one material can be molded through coinjection. Foam core materials with solid skins are efficiently produced Thermosetting plastics and fiber-reinforced shapes are injection molded.
6. Minimum scrap loss. Runners, gates, and scrap can usually be reground. Recycled thermoplastics can be injection molded.
7. Close tolerances are obtainable. Modern microprocessor controls, fitted to precision molds, and elaborate hydraulics, facilitate tolerances in the 0.1% range on dimensions and weights (but not without a high level of operational skills in constant attendance).
8. Makes best use of the unique attributes of polymers, such as flowability, light weight, transparency, corrosion resistance. This is evident from the number and variety of molded plastic products in everyday use.


5. Plastic Handle Cup structure design
As a high-quality Plastic Handle Cup, it not only need to have good processing equipment and skilled mould manufacturing workers, but also a very good plastic product design, especially for complex Plastic Handle Cup. Product design accounts for over 80% of the quality of the product. A good plastic cup design: good quality, low cost, less difficult and short delivery time.

To achieve this, it not only need fully understand the customer request, but also know the injection moulding machine, plastic cup mould structure, mould machining process and plant capacity, etc.. Therefore, to improve the Plastic Handle Cup design, we should do the following:
• understands the details in the design, the function of each component.
• references to the previous similar design, understand its mould processing, learn the experience and lessons.
• Understand the operation of the injection moulding machine, the relationship between the plastic cup and injection moulding machine.
• understand the processing of products, and the characteristics and limitations of each processing.
• refer to the mould modification and trial result.
• understand the impact of the mould gate design on the products.
• study some special cup structure to understand the latest injection technology.

6. FAQ
Q: How to go to our factory?
A: We are in a mould town Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China.
Sincerely welcome to visit our company to exchange experience and make cooperation!
Our Company is near to Taizhou Train Station, you can go to Hangzhou, or Ningbo airport directly if you arrive in Zhejiang, then we would be glad to pick you up by our clerk. It only takes less than 20 minutes from the Train Station to our company.

Q: What is the software you will use to check the drawing? And what is format of drawing you can check?
A: Our designers and engineers all use VISI and UG to check 2D and 3D drawings.

Q: Our business scope and quotation detail
A: Our main bussiness is including home appliances, communications, kitchen, computer, automotive, toys, office equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, gardening equipment and so on... we can make injection mould & product for our customer according
1: mould quotation, we need your product's material information and drawing (2D or 3D. Step or Igs. T_X format) or provide your sample to us for making an accurate quotation, simple one also can provide the weight of product, mold cavity, mould life requirement, mould surface processing and so on, you can provide us more detial to get a more professional quotation.
2: Mould +Product quotation, we need your product material and drawing (2D or 3D. Step or Igs. T_X format) or provide your sample to us for making an accurate quotation, simple one also can provide the weight of product, material special requirement, product quantity, product surface requirement and so on.


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