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Hold for Shoulders

Hold for Shoulders

Using Hold for Shoulders, maintain an upright position when performing back squats. Load distribution principle transfers weight across the trapezius muscles, reducing neck pain and discomfort....

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Hold for Shoulders JY-MO Extra Thick Barbell Neck Pad Neck and Shoulder Protective Pad for Squats, Lunges & Hip Thrusts
Hold for Shoulders designed to fit for squats, fitness, weight lifting, training, GYM etc. Hold for Shoulders feels more comfortable, not like going from walking on nails to soft fluffy pillows, but a noticeable difference where you don't notice the device. It distributes the weight across your neck shoulders, greatly reducing any pressure in the bar, while allowing you to lift more weight. Just don't forget it on the bar, the perfect fit ensures you will not be picking it up off the floor after every lift.

1. Product Feature and Application of the Hold for Shoulders
• Hold for Shoulders Permits you to focus on the squat movement and technique rather that discomfort, numbness or shearing muscle trauma
• Hold for Shoulders Unique weight distribution principle takes the bar off your deltoids and vertebrae, transfers weight across your trapezius muscles and reduces risk of injury
• Hold for Shoulders Maximizes mass-building potential
• Hold for Shoulders Easy to use. Snap it into the bar to keep it perfectly centered on every set. Provides a stronger connection compared to a regular, foam-based barbell pad
• Hold for Shoulders Protect against crush trauma. Your body's energy is directed to mass-building muscle fibers

2. Product Details of the Hold for Shoulders

Product Dimensions

13.2 x 5.4 x 4.1 inches

Product weight

2 pounds

Shipping Weight

1.4 pounds




By sea or air


3. Product Qualification of the Hold for Shoulders
JY-MO has passed GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 standard quality management system certification so that comprehensive management ability improve significantly.


4. Deliver, shipping and serving


5. FAQ
Q: Can this be used for lower back and hip pain?

A: Its great for that! Also, a lot of hip pain is just referred pain from the back, so you can massage the hip muscles without really getting to the root of the problem.

Q: How about your production cycles and delivery times?
A: Production cycles is according product's structure,size to assess.
Simple product, we can offer T1 sample about a month.

Q: What's this parts material?


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