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Household Product

  • Head Stand Mixer

    We manufacture Head Stand Mixer JY-MO hfor 4.5 and 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Whitee. Enjoy your mixing with Maggift Flat Beater. The ultra-flexible bi-directional scraping virtually...
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  • Plastic Bird Feeder

    We manufacture Bird Feeder for 12 &16 oz Hanging Hummingbird. Humming bird Feeder designed with brass hanging rod opening, can be hung the feeder on the hook or tree. Twelve tips easily slide...
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  • Point Massage Tool

    We manufacture Point Massage Tool JY-MO durable and high quality massage. The Point Massage Tool is a patented self-massage tool designed to give you the benefits of controlled pressure massages,...
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  • Plastic Back Massager

    How many times daily do you suffer from some sort of strain related pain? What do you do when you need to massage or to soothe your tired muscles but you can't reach that problem area, or simply...
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  • Plastic Foot Rocker

    The Foot Rocker lets you gently stretch the muscles in your feet and legs to ease discomfort and pain. The increased flexibility and range of motion along the entire inter-connective chain helps...
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  • Plastic Foot Stretcher

    The Foot Stretcher was developed to help you relieve lower body pain quickly, safely, and easily with a rocking stretch. The increased flexibility and range of motion along the entire...
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