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Plastic Back Massager

Plastic Back Massager

How many times daily do you suffer from some sort of strain related pain? What do you do when you need to massage or to soothe your tired muscles but you can't reach that problem area, or simply can't generate enough pressure for effective relief. The only thing left to do is pester a loved one or start getting creative with furniture in ways you never knew existed. Worry no more our Body Back Buddy is the answer. Back Massager designed to aid anyone whether suffering from chronic pain or those just looking for stress relief. Our tool boasts 10 perfectly placed therapy knobs that offer you an ease & access to your whole body. Make our Buddy, your best friend today.

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Back Massager JY-MO Back and Neck Trigger Point Massage Tool
1. Product Introduction
Ease your aches and pains with the Back Massager. This simple and effective self-massager makes it easy to apply pain relieving deep compression directly to hard knotted points anywhere on your body, breaking up tension in even the hardest to reach muscle areas. The Back Massager works by applying pressure to the muscles, which helps to maximize the flow of oxygenated blood. This pressure aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in the muscle fibers helping the muscle to work more efficiently.

2. Product Feature and Application of the Back Massager
1.) Back massager for easing aches and pains
2.) Eliminate painful knots in your muscles on your own
3.) 10 treatment balls for total body massage
4.) Ideal after strenuous activities or for relaxation anytime

3. Product Details of the Back Massager

Product Dimensions

26.4 x 16.1 x 1.4 inches

Product weight

1.33 pounds

Shipping Weight

1.4 pounds


According to customers requirement


FREE Shipping


4. Product Qualification of the Back Massager
JY-MO is equipped with 12 injection molding machine, pressure machine, microscope and other advanced testing equipment. We have a highly educated, professional and strong skilled technical team and are equipped with eight professional QC personnel who engaged in incoming inspection, process inspection, outgoing inspection and quality statistical analysis.


5. Deliver, shipping and serving


6. FAQ
Q: How is works?
A: Works great! Hits those trigger points and brings relief!

Q: Where is the place of origin?
A: We manufacture parts in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.

Q: What's the payment term to work with JY-MO?
A: 50% by T/T as deposit, and 50% by T/T before parts shipping.


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