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Why Do Car Bumpers Choose Plastic Moulds?
Apr 16, 2018

As early as 20 years ago, most of the parts of the car were metal, so the weight of the car was very heavy. In the process of high-speed driving, the emergency brake required a long distance. In the modern automobile industry, plastic is used instead of metal, which is not a cutting edge, but a win-win. The car is now pursuing a more lightweight, higher safety factor, and the safety of the car is not just that the place is harder and safer, but the overall coordination and safety performance. Take car bumpers, all metal bumper is strong enough, but at the time of low-speed collision, especially between the passers-by and, if you are a passer-by, you with the hope of a bumper is plastic or metal, especially under the condition of urban vehicle ownership in now, it is to consider the problem. And the quality of plastic portable, low cost, is not easy to rust, post touch-up is convenient, the most important thing is that the plastic bumper is only part of the car bumper, now the technology can make plastic bumper with suction box, buffer, reserve, form stronger protective effect, not only can protect the owner, and maximum reduce the harm that bring passers-by. So now all car bumpers are made with plastic moulds, and many kinds of bumper moulds are born.

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