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The Meaning Of Injection Mold Inserts
Apr 16, 2018

The meaning of injection mold inserts.

1. Convenient for processing and maintenance.

The mold is a very complicated part, in the process of processing, often encountered some structure complex, special shape, these shape processing difficulty, and not easy to maintain. For these structures, it can be used to reduce the difficulty of processing and maintenance.

2. Easy to form and mold.

If the product has a deeper rib or other unformed structure, these structures are easy to cause insufficiency, charred, and other defects in molding. It can effectively solve this problem, and the gap between the mold inserts can not only facilitate the exhaust of the molding, but also prevent the appearance of the vacuum adhesion phenomenon when the product is out of mold.

3. Increase the mold strength.

In cavities or slider on the molding parts are broken or by breaking the in small area, in order to increase the intensity of mould, improve die life, can put the plug to break (or break) into insert, replace with good material.

4. Save materials and reduce costs.

When cavities or slider on the molding parts, when many shapes than other surface parts, or for processing, can tear open mold insert to save materials, reduce the processing cost, otherwise the material size will increase, processing is time consuming, cost will have a lot of waste.

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