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How To Ensure Injection Mold Quality?
Apr 16, 2018

The injection mold belongs to a kind of high precision machinery, all the spare parts are depend on own lubrication to cooperate the action, so how to check the processing of the mold is particularly important. After the die processing, the plastic mold parts are examined as follows:

1. Check the dimension accurancy, shape position accuracy, surface hardness and heat treatment requirements of the parts, and require the requirements of the drawing and relevant technical conditions. View the necessary raw records;

2. For the size of parts with assembly requirements, it is required to comply with the requirements of cooperation, that is, to maintain the required coordination tolerance. The tolerance size limit of unmarked tolerance size shall be according to the accuracy of IT14 specified in gb1804-79, namely, the size of the hole is H14, the size of the axis is H14, and the length dimension is Is14;

3. The surface of the injection mold parts after processing shall not have any defects such as bruises, dents, cracks, burrs, rust, etc.;

4. The sharp edges of non-working face that are not specified on the parts drawing should be rounded with rounded corners R1mm or 1mm*45o;

5. The hardness of the parts after heat treatment of plastic mold should be uniform, and no decarburization, soft spots and cracks are allowed;

6. The molding surface polishing requires only coarse polishing, which can reach ra0.2um. After the mold test of plastic mold is qualified, it will be thoroughly polished, and the trademark text, design and leather will be processed after qualified test mode.

7. The thread start and stop of the shaping thread type core and type ring should be repaired as the whole tooth, that is to remove the incomplete buckle.

When the mold is installed, the injection molding machine should be done first, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon such as bad movement and lags.

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