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Daily Maintenance Specification For Complex Injection Molds
Apr 16, 2018

The service life of injection molds, in addition to the optimal mold design, the manufacture of high precision, high quality heat treatment effect, and properly choose the factors such as processing equipment, mold the use and maintenance is also an important link, today I will tell you the mould using some small maintenance knowledge:

(1) the mold maintenance can not be ignored, should be carefully checked before mold die, remove dirt, check whether mold guide sleeve and mold good lubrication, it is to do some daily maintenance.

(2) it is necessary to check the mechanical rotating disc and mould mounting base on a regular basis to ensure the coaxial precision of the upper and lower rotating disc.

(3) according to the plastic injection mold and the installer will move mold in injection molding machine is installed, to ensure that the mold slider in the same direction, especially with the direction of mold structure more attentively, prevent the wrong, installed backwards.

(4) after the mold is installed, check whether the fastening screws of the mold mounting base are locked and correct.

(5) injection mould core and cavity strain keeps should stop using, polishing processing again, otherwise it will rapidly expand the mold parting surface wear degree, accelerate the mould wear and tear, lower the quality of plastic parts and mould life.

(6) for the injection moulds used in batch production, there should be backup needs, so as to rotate the production to production needs.

(7) in the process of mold delivery, it should be handled gently, and it is not allowed to be thrown randomly, so as to avoid damaging the core mechanism and guiding mechanism of the mould.

(9) after the mold is used, it shall not be left in a disorderly manner, and shall be put back to the designated position in a timely manner, and shall be treated with oil and anti-rust.

(10) to ensure the surface life of die, in the mould under the condition of using a number of years too long, must be the main spring force is enough, long time use of mould spring may not be able to completely reset, cause the thimble without all out in the end, protects the clamping words will cause the mould cavity scratch.

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