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There are six points for making chair molds
Apr 16, 2018

Plastic chair has become an indispensable household goods in the present life, among them plastic rattan chair is the artwork of life, its processing craft is wooden chair to forget the dust. How are these chair molds made? The main points are as follows:

First of all: 1. The steel material of the chair mould is usually P20 or 718 steel. 2. Gate way: 90% of the chair mold is generally used with side gate, some of which are hot runner gate. 3. Ejection mode: the thimble is on the rib, such as the mechanical hand, and the top, if it is automatically removed, it will turn upside down. 4. Surface treatment: light, skin and area skin. Flower board swap: generally use oblique rod to knock out the exchange, screw rotation is more advanced. 5. The waterway design of chair mould is not more than 1 meter. When the chair die is finished, it needs to be tested: hav line: cannot draw. Flying edge: chair foot, melting seam, because the exhaust is not good, easy to appear the edge. Superposition: - 10 chairs can not be tilted on top of the stack - the distance between the two chairs should not exceed 60mm, and the latter is easy to be separated after superposition (the stacking bar is usually located under the seat cushion) to light up: brightness. Intensity: top white: due to poor lighting.

The length = the height of the chair +140 (the distance from the top of the chair to the edge) +220 (the distance from the end of the chair to the edge) width = chair width +140 x 2. Height: depending on the declination Angle, the seat cushion can be successfully removed as the precondition when the cushion is inclined with a vertical height +100 (top) +120 (bottom). Machine size is determined by the product g - less than 2500 g, 650 tons of generally available machine - larger, with 780 tons, armchairs, triangle groove back foot by a u-shaped slot or chair, need 1000 tons need extended nozzle.

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