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The principle and function of gas assisted injection mold
Apr 16, 2018

Gas assisted injection molding system, is to put the nitrogen by piecewise direct injection into the mold cavity pressure control system of plasticizing plastic, internal expansion zhang resulting hollow plastic, but remained on the surface of the product appearance is intact.

Advantages of gas assisted injection molding technology:

1. Save plastic material, saving rate can be up to 50%.

2. Shorten production cycle time.

3. Reduce the clamping pressure of the injection molding machine, which can reach up to 60%.

4. Improve the working life of the injection molding machine.

5. Reduce the pressure in the mold cavity to reduce the loss of the mould and improve the working life of the mold.

6. For some plastic products, aluminum metal materials can be used for molds.

7. Reduce the internal stress of the product.

8. Solve and eliminate the surface shrinkage problem of products.

9. Simplify the tedious design of products.

10. Reduce the power consumption of the injection molding machine.

11. Reduce the investment cost of injection molding machine and development mold.

12. Lower production costs.

Gas assisted injection molding technology, can be applied to all kinds of plastic products, such as television or stereo shell, auto plastic products, furniture, bathroom, kitchen utensils, household appliances and daily supplies, all kinds of plastic boxes and toys, etc.

Injection molding machine system equipment requirements.

Basically, the gas assisted injection molding system can cooperate with all different brands of injection molding machines, as long as these injection molding machines are equipped with:

1. Catapult nozzle to prevent high pressure gas from running into the injection molding machine screw.

2. The screw stroke of the injection molding machine is equipped with an electronic ruler travel switch to trigger the signal to the gas auxiliary main system, thus injecting the high-pressure nitrogen into the mold cavity.

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