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How to make a turnover box mold?
Apr 16, 2018

How to make a turnover box mold? First of all, the steel material is selected for mold and mold core cavity. For example: the production of a pair of four revolving box molds must be made of prehardened steel with a hardness higher than 33, and then select the suitable mold standard parts. Second, you must control the hardness of each piece of steel, not too hard.

Then, the friction and guide parts of the working box mould must be processed and cannot be used for any manual work. If you need to mold a durable turntable, you must use HDPE materials with a low melt index, such as plastic with an index of 4 or 6. Second, ensure that the cooling system achieves optimal results. To make a durable two hydraulic drive machine to cooperate with the machine to automatically push out, the top out of the mold can be more smooth. For different types of molds, precise mold machining can be used to ensure the accuracy of the mold operation, otherwise the mold can not have high performance. The cooling water design on the largest molding surface must be optimized.

Most of the world's toolbox mold makers use accelerators to improve the injection speed of the melt. The design of the mold of plastic circulating box is also very important. The top out of the milk carton mold is best designed for mechanical ejection, so that the ejection can be completed when the mold is opened. Of course, if the injection molding machine can be equipped with a bottle type revolving box mold, the aquatic product turnover box mold, the melon and fruit, the vegetable type turnover box mold, the bread cake class, the turnover box mold and so on.

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