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Heat treatment of plastic mold
Apr 16, 2018

Mold heat treatment of steel materials improve performance is an important means of hardness, generally after mold opening coarse, come back again to finish machining, heat treatment in the process of processing can also have risks, improper handling can cause crack of steel material and scrap, it is what reason resulting in abnormal plastic steel material are:

1) the mould material has serious network carbide segregation.

2) there is mechanical or cold plastic stress in the mold.

3) improper operation of mold heat treatment (heating or cooling too fast, improper selection of quenching medium, too low cooling temperature, too long cooling time, etc.).

4) the mould has a complex shape, uneven thickness, sharp Angle and thin threaded hole, etc., so that the thermal stress and tissue stress remain too large.

5) the heating temperature of plastic mold quenching is too high to produce overheating or overheat.

6) when the die is hardened, the tempering is not timely or the tempering time is insufficient.

7) when the molds are reworked, the quenching is heated without the middle annealing.

8) improper grinding process for mold heat treatment.

9) there are high tensile stress and microcracks in the hardened layer after the mold heat treatment.

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