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JY-MO has been active in the plastic products and injection mould manufacturing sector since 2007, combining our vocation for design projects with the world of international design.

JY-MO is using the many years of commitment, skill and care of the master artisans who, working side by side with experienced designers, are able to transform ideas and concepts into products and projects which satisfy the design and customization demands of the sector.

We are able to offer solutions with a unique identity and style, thanks to the distinctive character of the JY-MO Creative Team’s talent for imagining, anticipating and interpreting the conceptual space of the project, venturing beyond the confines of industrial design into the neighbouring spheres of art and architecture.

JY-MO offers this exclusive service to its customer-partners, sector professionals and everyone who believes that design is above all a question of interaction and relationships.

A well thought through design can deliver an enjoyable, easy to use product that brings your brand and vision to life.

As you move from product concept options to a chosen design, our team builds physical prototypes that replicate the product experience to test and ensure a rewarding user experience.